Accounts Central’s Areas of Expertise

We offer a range of services across the spectrum of the market. Whether you require a full accounts service ready for your external tax accountant or if you only require a partial accounts service we can help. Accounts Central prides itself in the accuracy and timely manner in which it processes it clients accounts.

Is your business out growing its current accounts setup? Why not give Accounts Central Services a call to see if it can help your business to grow by freeing you up from the administrative tasks in your business to concentrate on what you do best. In turn increasing your turnover, we will look after your costs hence increase your bottom line.


Business Services

Ancillary Services

We help you maintain control of your payroll responsibility.

Payroll is becoming increasingly complex. Tax, super, HECS, leave entitlements and reporting requirements. Payroll is time consuming and often stressful, but it is something you cannot afford to get wrong.

We process your staff wages and salaries either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, from calculating hours worked or from standard pays, applying the appropriate rate of pay and tax, recording superannuation and leave, issuing payslips and payment to employees bank account. At the end of the financial year we issue employee payment summaries and attend to the year end payroll processing.

We ensure that all your takings as recorded and accounted for.

By having your revenue audited each week you can rest assured that all your takings are accounted for, banked and received from EFTPOS, American Express and customers. If you operate a retail outlet, an audit will be carried out on each day’s takings, sales figures are entered into the accounting system and reconciled against deposits made into the business bank account(s). Any variances will be reported.

We will pay all your bills on time, no more late fees or missed settlement discounts.

Paying your bills and reconciling statements can be time consuming and if not completed in a timely manner can cost you in late payment fees and missed settlement discounts. By having us process your accounts payable your bills will be processed on time.

We will process all supplier tax invoices for payment in a timely manner. Payments will be generated for electronic processing or by cheque. Once confirmation is received that the electronic payment file has been processed Remittance Advices will be issued to suppliers by email, fax or mail. Accounts Central Services will take all supplier queries and negotiate instalment payment plans should the need arise.

Accounts receivable is one of the most important elements of a business. We will invoice your clients and following up payment from your customers and eliminate any manual invoicing.

By having us carry out your accounts receivable function your invoices will be issued in a timely manner, customer statements are issued at the end of the month, we also will improve your receivable ageing due to our follow up work on overdue invoices.

Accounts Central Services will track all debtor sales and payments. Issue any Tax invoices as required. Generate monthly debtor statements. Follow up on any ageing invoices, if requested.

By receiving a weekly profit and loss statement of your retail outlet you will know exactly how much money you have made or lost which will enable you to react quickly to improve sales or costs.

Do you know how much money you made last week? If not, we can tell you with our weekly profit and loss estimate. We will also compare your sales to last year and graph your weekly sales for the last 6 months. This weekly reporting can be tailored to suit your informational needs and keeps you informed of how your business is tracking.

If you operate a retail outlet a weekly report will be issued outlining the estimated profit and loss, turnover, payment methods, variances and sales graphs for the past 6 months trade. Quarterly Profit and Loss reports outlining all revenue and expenses of the business will also be issued.

We complete your BAS and IAS lodgements accurately and in a timely manner.

Completing your BAS can be a headache and very stressful. We will complete your BAS and IAS accurately in a timely manner and will arrange any payment arrangements with the ATO if the need arises. Your lodgements will be compliant and in the event of an audit we will package up all the documents required electronically and take away the stress.

Accounts Central Services with prepare and lodge your BAS and IAS statements either monthly or quarterly depending on your reporting requirements. As we are registered BAS agents you will also receive automatic payment and lodgement extension.