Accounts Central’s Areas of Expertise

We offer a range of services across the spectrum of the market. Whether you require a full accounts service ready for your external tax accountant or if you only require a partial accounts service we can help. Accounts Central prides itself in the accuracy and timely manner in which it processes it clients accounts.

Is your business out growing its current accounts setup? Why not give Accounts Central Services a call to see if it can help your business to grow by freeing you up from the administrative tasks in your business to concentrate on what you do best. In turn increasing your turnover, we will look after your costs hence increase your bottom line.


Business Services

Ancillary Services

Do you need help with your database?

We have a database expert that can assist you with your database needs, whether it requires deduplication, data cleansing or reformatting of fields.

Having your buy and sell orders placed and your trading tracked will free up time for you to do more research on the market.

Knowing how much you made or lost on each trade is very important for your trading success. We can do that as well as place your buy and sell orders and take away the administration of the market, whilst you can research and plan your next order.

Accounts Central Services can assist you with your share trading. Placing buy and sell orders on your behalf, tracking your portfolio and reporting of profit and loss on trades.

Send an SMS to your database

SMS (Short Message Service) is a quick and cost efficient way to communicate with a large number of mobile phone users. The most commonly used application for SMS is to communicate with customers about up and coming promotions. However, the use of SMS is endless. Staff broadcasts, appointment reminders, event updates and many more.